Strategic Asset Allocation Dashboard

An interactive dashboard for SAA results visualization

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Expected interest spread versus required capital

Each point below shows the expected interest spread (asset net earned rate less liability crediting rate) and total statutory required capital for a particular asset allocation.

The data below contains different asset allocations across two asset funds.

With the chart below, you can drag and select a group of points for further analysis.

These are the allocations of 10 selected points with the best risk-return trade-offs. The trade-off is determined simply by dividing the yield by the required capital.

Average asset allocation of selected points

The chart below shows the average allocation of the asset allocations selected on the main chart to the left.

You can click one of the asset class here to highlight the points that are out of the inter-quartile range of portfolio allocated to your selection. You can select multiple asset classes.

Points with 75% of more allocated are highlighted in purple; points with less than 25% are highlighted in yellow.

Frequency count and filters

The following filters lets you refine the points to look at across asset classes. The bars also show the frequency of allocations within the points shown.

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